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Electrical troubleshooting can be a daunting task, but with a little knowledge and some basic tools, it can be a relatively easy process. The first step is to identify the problem: Is the light not turning on, is the light turning on but not staying on, or is something else not working? Once you have identified the problem, you can start troubleshooting. It is best to get help from a trustworthy electrician Farmington NM locals depend on if you’re dealing with electrical troubleshooting, since they are best equipped to handle the problem in the best way possible. 


If the light is not turning on, the first thing we will check is the bulb. We will ensure that the bulb is screwed in tightly and that there are no loose wires. If the bulb is fine, then we will check the fuse box. Fuses can sometimes blow due to a power surge or other electrical problems. If the fuse box looks fine, we will move on to check the wiring. The wiring can become corroded over time and may need to be replaced.

Whatever the problem is, you can trust that as an electrician Farmington NM residents count on, we will find the root cause and fix the problem immediately. We’ve been in the industry for 27 years and have always strived to provide the best services possible to our clients, whether they be industrial plants, motels, grocery stores, or anything else. We know all of the common electrical problems that people face and the best mechanisms to fix them quickly. We understand how frustrating it can be to constantly have your outlets and systems breaking down, which is why we use preventative measures to keep any future electrical issues from taking place.

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There are a few things that can go wrong with ceiling fans. One common problem is that the fan blades can wobble or even come loose from the motor. If this happens, it can be dangerous to operate the fan. Another issue that can arise is when the fan motor fails. If this happens, the fan will not work at all. An additional problem that can occur is when the light fixture attached to the fan malfunctions, which can be either because of a problem with the light bulb or with the wiring. If you are having any of these issues, it is best to contact a professional electrician for assistance.


At Vivid Electric Solutions, we have years of experience troubleshooting and repairing ceiling fans. We will send an electrician to fix ceiling fan and get your fan up and running again in no time. 


Low voltage lighting repair can be a tricky process, but with the right tools and knowledge, it can be a relatively easy task. The first step in repairing low-voltage lighting is identifying the issue. There are a variety of common problems that can occur with low-voltage lighting systems, such as blown bulbs, broken wires, or corroded connectors. Once the issue has been identified, it can be addressed accordingly. Once we have completed the low voltage lighting repair, we will test the system to make sure it is working properly. 

Contact us today, and we will send an electrician to fix ceiling fan right away!



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